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Emotional Support Animals Registry UK


ESAUK Registry club is a private registration members only service that is the number one Emotional Support Animal Registry in the United Kingdom with currently over 1,000 registered ESAs across the country and our renewal registration rate is at 97%. ESAUK is not a charity or are supported by any Government funds or departments and ESAUK is totally funded by memberships. ESAUK offers it's members access to businesses that have given permission for ESA Members to enter their premises with their ESA. ESAUK is using the data (not personal or medical) we collect to help change the laws in the country so that emotional support animals (just not dogs/cats but any animal) will have the same legal rights as the current trained assistance and service animals. ESAUK is in it's early stage of researching and setting up an ESA Flight Certification program to allow ESAs to fly in and out of the UK.
The ESA Radio has been set up to have live talk shows so that all those with mental health diagnosis can tune in or call in and talk to like minded people.
We are not a trained assistance dog organization and if you need an assistance or service dog please contact their organizations.
To keep up with what is happening, you can follow us on Telegram or Instagram.
If you need to contact us please us this site's contact page.

* ESAs do NOT have the same legal rights as Service Animals, and any business can refuse entry or ask you to leave the premises * If you expect this to get your pet into places not usually allowed you will be disappointed as Health Laws overrule any ESA and any business can refuse entry or ask you to leave. * You can ONLY register if you have a health professional's letter stating the animal is required for your mental health diagnosis and treatment. * The ESA is to be under control at all times when out in public and we encourage you to get your animal privately trained to avoid any potential control issues. * Taking any animal out in public (this includes pets, assistance dogs, service dogs) makes you liable for any control issues by your animal so we advise you to get public liability insurance and have your animal trained. * ESAUK is not a scam site as we help people open their lives up with the help of their ESA and use the data collected to show the UK Government the requirement for ESAs in the UK.

Recent Question Answers

We Register Emotional Support Animals

  • How do I qualify to register my companion pet

    ESA Registration is only available to those that have a medical requirement and have a letter from a medical professional thats states you require one for your mental health.
  • How long does it take to get my ESA identification and documents?

    We process your registration the same day and the ESA Id Card, ESA Certificate and ESA Certification Letter are mailed to you within 3 business days from registration date.
  • How do I know if my registration has gone through?

    Within a few hours of you registering a confirmation email is sent to you with digital copies of the ESA Certificate and ESA Certification Letter. Make sure our email address is in your safe email list.
  • Can I phone someone to ask questions?

    The Emotional Support Animals Registry Club is all online and there are no phone options and all questions you can send to us via our Contact Page and they will be answered within 24 hours. Make sure our email address is in your safe email list.
  • How long is the Registration for?

    Registration is for 12 months. When you renew you are sent a new ESA Id Card, a new ESA Certificate and a new ESA Certification Letter.
  • What is the legal status of ESAs in the UK?

    The current UK laws do not cover emotional support animals like laws currently cover service and assistance animals. We are gathering all this data from memberships for our case to the Government to change the laws to gve ESAs the same legal rights. An ESA Member has legal rights under the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998 to have their ESA with them at all times. Businesses can ask ESAs not to enter or leave premises if they so wish due to health laws.

Emotional Support Animal UK

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