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The UK Emotional Support Animals Registry was established in 2017 to register emotional support animals in the United Kingdom and to help change the current laws so they are on par with service & assistance animals and has discussed with the UK Government to change these laws by using the data collected over this period from the registrations to show the requirement of emotional support animals in the United Kingdom. ESAUK is the number one ESA Registry in the UK with over 1,000 registered ESAs across the United Kingdom and thousands across the European Union and with a renewal registration rate of 97% and ESAUK is developing an ESA Flight Certification Program across the United Kingdom to allow larger ESAs to fly with their handlers as some airlines only allow smaller animals in the cabin.
An emotional support animal (ESA) is a pet that is required for a person's ongoing mental health treatment by a licensed therapist, psychologist, doctor (GP) or any licensed mental health professional, as part of their ongoing treatment program that it is designed to bring comfort and minimize the negative symptoms the person's emotional or psychological disability.  All domesticated animals may qualify as Emotional Support Animals and they can be any age, as these animals do not need any specific task-training like a service/assistance animal because their very presence alleviates the symptoms associated with a personal psychological or emotional disability and the only requirement is that the animal is fully under control in public and does not create a nuisance in or around the domestic environment. Register your ESA now with the United Kingdom's number one ESA registry.

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